TC100EVS Turn Coordinator Gyros

The Level-Matic™ or BSS (basic stability system) is designed to maintain the aircraft's equilibrium over its operational speed range.  The system can never tumble under any circumstances and will return the aircraft to level flight from spirals, or even up-side down conditions.

The Level-Matic™ senses and corrects for disturbances on roll and yaw axes. The system consist basically of a gyro sense element which meters vacuum pressure to a cylinder-piston servo assembly (model BI-706).  On most aircraft upon which this system is installed these servos are attached to the aileron controls, providing for a single control system however, similar servos may be installed, as an option, and attached to the rudder mechanism, providing a two control system on most aircraft. 

Outline Drawing of TC100EVS or EVM Turn Coordinator


The TC100EVS Turn Coordinator Gyro is now in its third generation, previous models being utilized in former production systems such as the Duo-Matic.  Features of all generations include:

  • Roll trim capabilities to compensate for asymmetrical aircraft loading
  • Simultaneous visual indication
  • Models for 12 or 24 volt DC input
  • Negligible current drain
  • Fits standard 3 1/8" instrument hole
  • Lightweight
  • Manufactured to FAA TSO C3a

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TC100EVS and BI-706 Pneumatic Servo Assemblies