Accu-Flite is a self powered controller that allows a directional gyro to be added to a basic stabilization system, or Model B-11 Accu-Trak, allowing heading information from the DG to be coupled into the autopilot system.  When coupled with the B-11 Accu-Trak, the user may select stabilization only, VOR tracking and stabilization, heading select and stabilization, or heading select, VOR tracking and stabilization combined.  

Model G502A Directional Gyro

The Accu-Flite unit has two basic sections: a "DG Adaptor" or oscillator/detector system for converting the heading indication on the DG to a proportional voltage signal, and a small power supply/amplifier unit to mix the DG signal with the Accut-Trak signal to drive a "Servo Control Valve", Model BI-805, alone.  When the B-12 Accu-Flite unit is turned off, its amplifier is bypassed and the B-11 Accu-Trak unit then drives the servo control valve directly.  The direct current signal output of the Accu-Flite unit is an error signal proportional to the aircraft course error.  Zero signal voltage output corresponds to on course flight.  Manual turns with the B-11 Accu-Trak unit may still be done with the B-12 Accu-Flite turned on.

Features Include:

  • Roll trim capabilites to compensate for asymmetrical aircraft loading
  • Automatic crosswind compensation
  • Manual turn knob provides standard rate turns
  • Command heading changes
  • Available in 12 and 24 volt DC input
  • Lightweight
  • Manufactured to FAA TSO C9c
  • HSI interface is available, ask us for details

The Accu-Flite is now in its second generation. Pictured right is a first generation Accu-Flite Switch, below is our latest updated face. All features listed available on all generations.