The entire Brittain Pitch/Altitude Control system consist of four elements:

  • Function Panel - to engage and monitor the system via a miniaturized pitch trim indicator
  • Sensor/Computer Amplifier - remotely located sensing device which is the heart of the system
  • Altitude Hold Chamber - a small chamber that traps air and measures changes in pressure
  • Pneumatic Servos

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Unlike delicate gyro instruments, the Brittain Dynertial™ Pitch/Altitude Control is designed to provide years of maintenance-free service...freedom from annoying and costly repairs.

Using a simplistic design,the Sensor-Computer Amplifier senses and reacts to same forces which are normally read from Air Speed and Rate of Climb Indicators, Attitude Gyro, Altimeter and Accelerometer, the combination of all the forces related to these instruments produces a signal which causes the pneumatic servos to affect a gentle but positive correction of the elevator surfaces. The corrections are instantaneous, smooth, and cushioned.  

PCA-1 Function Panel