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A two axis autopilot with all the horizontal features to put it in a class of its own, for performance and reliability.

The Nav Flite IV offers two axis stabilization, independent of the aircraft electrical system, manual turn capabilities, heading pre-select and lock, navigational coupling and automatic cross wind compensation in Capture, Track and Localizer modes.

Add-on capabilities approved for existing Nav Flite IV installations.


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Brittain's unique Level-Matic™ Stabilization System provides constant two-axis control of the aircraft in all weather conditions.  Straight and level flight is assured, adding new dimensions of safety, convenience and utility.

The Turn Coordinator Gyro serves as both a flight instrument and as the gyro element, sensing and commanding attitude corrections via a pneumatic servo system.

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For routine cross country flights or for those "busy ones on the gages", Accu-Trak smoothly takes command and adds that extra measure of comfort when you could use a copilot the most.

Navigational tracking maintains "needle-centered" conditions even in extreme cross winds. 

Accu-Trak is approved as an addition to your existing Brittain stabilization system or as a complete system.

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You can dial any heading, cross any radial, fly any direction you want with the Accu-Flite System.

Accu-Flite is a lateral stability augmentation system with a heading pre-select.  Utilizing a vertical card, air driven Directional Gyro with rotating azimuth bug to command heading changes that result in a smooth roll-out.

Accu-Flite is approved as an addition to your existing Brittain stabilization system or as a complete system.

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The attitude and altitude of your aircraft can be automatically controlled with startling simplicity.  The Brittain PC/AH II pitch stabilizer with altitude hold was the first pitch/altitude control system for civilian aircraft requiring no gyroscopic instruments, completely independent of your artificial horizon and it's pneumatic...no drain on your electrical system.  The system is virtually maintenance free, lightweight and easily installed.

Available with Brittain 3-axis control systems and as an add-on feature at a budge price.

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Designed and FAA approved specifically for general aviation aircraft, the Brittain B5C Flight Control System incorporates a proven design utilizing micro circuitry for greater reliability, longevity, and weight reduction.

The B5C is an adaptable flight control system offering more advanced features than any other comparable system, including all the features of our two-axis Nav Flite IV and dynertial™ pitch stabilization with altitude hold capabilities.

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Brittain Industries is an FAA certified repair station with limited instrument and airframe cababilities.  Our repair station functions  are limited to Brittain manufactured equipment, allowing us to maintain and service all our entire line of former and current production models.  Our technicians have over 75 years of combined experience with Brittain autopilots so give us a call today if you are in need of replacement parts or troubleshooting assistance.   

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