The B5C Flight Control System provides stabilization of the aircraft on three axes.  Secondary functions are altitude hold and directional control.

The B5C does not rely upon the aircraft's existing artificial horizon for stabilization information.  Three axis stabilization is obtained by using a single rate gyro and airspeed sensing device.  A directional gyro coupler provides heading control, the navigational coupler is compatible with many different makes of navigational radio equipment while pitch axis stabilization is obtained through our gyro-less pitch control by sensing forward air speed, vertical speed as related to rate of climb and descent, and changes in attitude about the pitch axis.

Basic stabilization is obtained by using the TC100EVT Turn Coordinator Gyro to sense roll and yaw displacement.  The gimbal of the TC100EVT drives a patented spool-sleeve valve at the back of the instrument.  Like other models of the TC100 turn coordinator gyros, the TC100EVT operates from both vacuum and electrical power sources, either or both, providing complete backup.

Features include:

  • Roll trim capabilities to compensate for asymetrical aircraft loading
  • Manual turn capabilities (proportional to standard rate)
  • Heading pre-select and lock (HSI interfacing is also available, ask us for details)
  • Navigational Coupling with automatic station crossing
  • Automatic crosswind compensation in Capture, Track and Localizer modes
  • Dynertial™ Pitch Stabilization with altitude hold capabilities
  • Lightweight
  • Available in 12 and 24 volt DC input
  • Patented Technology
  • Manufactured to FAA PMA