The Walters family is pleased to announce that a stock sale of Brittain Industries, Inc. was completed on Septermber 30, 2018.  With the sale of the company a new era begins as new ownership works to re-establish both repair and production for the Brittain product line and explores the possibilities of design changes and improvements to move us into the 21st century.

Re-establishing the product line is an extensive undertaking and until FAA approvals have been granted we are unable to supply parts or services for our autopilot systems.  We do not have a working timeline for gaining FAA approvals so we must once again ask for the patience of our product users as we work through the challenges of relocating and re-opening repairs and production.

We know you will be happy to hear that Cecilia Henderson will remain your primary contact for customer service.  Cecilia has extensive knowledge of the Brittain product line and will do everything possible to assist our product users throughout the transition.  You may contact her via phone, text or email; (918)836-7701 or support@brittainautopilots.com

If you were previously listed on the Brittain backlogs for products or services please be assured that those files are complete and secured and new ownership will be following up on all backlogged request as we move the company foward.

All of us here at Brittain appreciate the enthusiasm and best wishes of our product users.  We are excited about the future of the brand and cannot wait to share the adventure with you.  Stay tuned to our website for future announcements.


The owners and staff of Brittain Industries, Inc.             


Voice: (918)836-7701